How to Turbo Charge Lead Generation

In this episode (#19) of The MonetizeU Show, expert guest, Ken Course, Expert to Experts,shares how to turbo charge your lead generation. Dr. John Maxwell says, everything rises and falls on leadership. In terms of entrepreneurship, Everything Thrives and Falls on Sales! And sales are determined by both the quantity and quality of leads.

It is therefore critical to business success to master lead generation — attracting perspective interests in your venture, products, and services, who will ideally become customers. For this to happen, you need to take certain actions and implement certain systems or processes.

Lead generation tactics abound (applications, surveys, optin forms, articles, podcasts, livestream, etc.). And I guess, each strategy can help fill your pipeline. But to take the guess work out of what’s the best approach and what has proven to consistently work, we invted Mr. Ken Course to share current best practices that are working now.

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  • What’s your system or process? Ken recommends you be SMART in your business: Sales. Marketing. Accounting. Retention. Technology. When thease are in place, you can then scale.
  • First, be clear on exactly, Who is your target? Next, What’s your offer?
  • Take Simple Consistent Action (SCA) and you’ll turbo charge your lead generation in due time.
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Here’s your homework from Ken: “Go talk to 10 people today about your offer.”