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How To Make and Sell A Product in 15 Minutes

Welcome to episode #12 of The MonetizeU Show with Gail and Chance. Today’s featured expert guest is Bruce Jones – The Book Guy. He’s sharing how to make and sell a product in 15 minutes or less. This is a must-watch show so click on the play button below and be prepared for some practical nuggets.  …

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Online Profit Secrets (Episode 9)

Grab your copy now of Online Profit Secrets Amazon.comat or at Erika’s website, Erika Nino also recently appeared on The MonetizeU Show Podcast,  sharing her publishing journey and secrets to making money online.   Resources Mentioned on this episode of The MonetizeU Show: Online Proft Secrets (Erika Nino’s new book) Products from Online Profit Secrets: How To Create…

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So Many Media Platforms. Which Do I Choose?

Welcome to another Episode of The MonetizeU Show. Today, we have Dr. Chetachi Egwu, Professor, Media Consultant, and Host of MediaScope. Click on the Play button below to listen Dr. Tachi’s insights on the topic: So Many Media Platforms, Which One Do I Choose?   SHOW NOTES: Follow The MonetizeU Show on Facebook at…

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