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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (Pt.2 – EP. 02)

In episode #2 of The MonetizeU Show, Gail and Chance discussed the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online, (specifically dealing with the first three on the list): which include: Books Courses New Media Ecommerce Coaching/ Consulting Affiliate Marketing Freelancing Episode #3 aired on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA. In this show, the hosts share…

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Prelaunch show (Episdoe 00)

Here’s the intro release/ launch of the brand new MonetizeU Show with hosts, Gail and Chance. Gail Turner Brown is a popular TV show hosts, author and diva entrepreneur. Chance is a US Navy veteran, #1 bestselling author, speaker, and implementation strategists. The official website for this show is: </> In this first Pre-launch episode, Gail is celebrating her…

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